Kinect Method nutrition coaching in Bournemouth and the New Forest



Feeling good starts with eating well and I firmly believe that food is one of life’s life’s greatest pleasures.

The problems start when we get caught up following bad habits that take us out of balance, leading to a vicious circle of poor health.

Starting to eat well again can then seem intimidating with all the contradicting diet books, articles and adverts littering the media used to either confuse or sell products. I’ve found this leaves people unsure where to start or just as bad jumping into an unhealthy crash diet.

The Kinect Method aims to bring common sense, healthy habits and enjoyment back into eating with it’s five key nutrition coaching steps. It doesn’t involve obsessive calorie counting, points checking or ridiculous diet shakes.

Instead it focuses on preparing simple, satisfying meals that work with your body, schedule and diet preference.

As simple as it sounds I’ve found the Kinect Method nutrition coaching style works long term, time and time again.


Food Diary Click here to download our free food diary to help plan your weekly nutrition intake.
Recipes Click here to find a list of Kinect Method recipe ideas.
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