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Food should be one of our highest and purest pleasures and if it doesn’t taste good why eat it? Meal times should be something to look forward too. After all we aren’t machines who eat simply for fuel. Eating as part of a healthy lifestyle is so much more than just a list of foods that you should and shouldn’t eat.

The Kinect method nutrition coaching program helps you to develop a repertoire of healthy and unbelievably delicious meals that you know how to shop for and cook quickly with minimum fuss. When you get these meals built into your lifestyle there is no need obsessively check food labels and calories.

This recipe section is my attempt at giving you some inspiration in developing meal ideas that help your health and bring the enjoyment back into cooking and eating well.

Everyone is individual and why I have recipe ideas for meat eaters as well as veggies and people who follow a plant based vegan diet. Allergies and lifestyle is also taken into consideration. 

For more information contact Stuart Ward from the Kinect Method.

Have fun with the recipes and I hope you enjoy!

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