Kinect-Method Mind


Instinctively we should know whats good for our health and how to look after our bodies. After all we have flourished on this planet for over 2 million years. Unfortunately over recent generations many of us have lost touch with this primal instinct. The Kinect Method looks to connect mind and body again to boost this natural intuition to take care of ones self through natural food and gentle exercise. It’s this approach to a balanced, connected, healthy lifestyle which is key to the success of Kinect Method.

At the first stage we look at your motivations to improve your fitness and wellbeing, helping to keep you driven and consistent in your approach. By setting realistic manageable goals the plan aims to keep you on track with a training approach which suites you.

The next stage considers implementing exercise with a well balanced food plan into your lifestyle and making it a regular habit. Everybody’s schedule is different but usually hectic so it’s vital to find ways to “shoehorn” exercise and healthy eating into your busy life.

Once effective exercise and nutrition is becoming a habit body awareness and control is considered to make the exercises as effective as possible. We also look for ways how simple techniques can be applied throughout your working day to improve this while reducing stress and increasing your energy.

With a consistent fitness and food plan and support from regular personal training you will notice reduced stress, improved confidence, increased energy, with a more balanced lifestyle.

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