Kinect-Method Profile

Stuart Ward


It wasn’t until I left school and joined my first gym that I began to understand the magic of some exercise. My new passion took me along the path of collage and university education in sports science so I could make a living out of my hobby.

20 years ago, when I took my first job as a personal trainer and lifestyle manager I was soon bombarded with clients who wanted to lose a few pounds and tone up the typical problem areas.

What really stated to stand out to me was in those who stuck at it over the years. It gave me the time to develop them to a fuller potential as I was developing and growing myself. The tighter waist goal soon became a pleasant side effect as my clients motivations for training grew. I’d like to think they enjoyed the company while training but regulars would often comment how they always felt better after training, would sleep well, have a clearer mind and be inspired to eat more nutritious food. The extra fitness would improve sporting performance and allow them to take up new activities. Some would gain a deeper interest in movement and performance. Aches and pains would also disappear.

This experience has lead me to view my personal training sessions totally differently to the 20 year old lad fresh out of uni. It’s shown me the huge value correct exercise has as part of health cultivation (not just fat loss) and how training the body also has such a huge effect on the minds health, a connection that modern life has severed. My mission since has been to speed this process up as quickly as possible.

My desire to continue developing has led me to train with and learn from some of the best in the business including Andy Mckenzie, Dave Whitley and Fabio Zonin (strength and conditioning) Paul Lockyer and Grand Master Gou (Chen Tai Chi and Qi gong) and become certified in Dr. John Berardi’s world famous Precision Nutrition program.

I have also spent time in Mysore India to practice and learn yoga and ayurveda health principles from Jaiprakash and Rohit Kumar. In the past I have successfully competed in Olympic weightlifting and Power lifting events under the expert guidance of Tony Kasper. I’ve trained for a number of years at Southampton’s Pro boxing gym coached by Jack Bishop, at Golden Rings with Thailands Muay Thai boxing champion Sanga. With wing chun master Steve Cox and raced for the New Forest runners in distances from 5k to marathons.

Today my own practice is focused on traditional Taijiquan, Yoga, meditation and the key kettlebell lifts to keep me feeling strong, mobile and balanced.