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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a martial art based on the yin yang philosophy of change and balance.

It was developed around 400 years ago by General Chen Wang Ting in his family village Chenjigou and used to defend the family from bandits while also enabling villagers to work as body guards.

Tai Chi doesn’t only use its defense to fend off attackers; it’s also a complete and holistic health system to defend the body from illness which is more relevant in today’s less troubled society. Tai Chi trains body and mind through detailed mindful movement.

The beauty of Tai Chi is that it can be practiced my anyone of any age or ability pretty much anywhere.


Regular Tai Chi practice helps with

  • Relaxation helping stress related disorders
  • Incredibly detailed body awareness and control
  • Highly effective martial arts application and techniques
  • Improved circulation and digestion
  • Enhanced levels of energy
  • Improved strength of bones joints and muscles without strain
  • Improved balance, posture and flexibility
  • Better focus and concentration
  • A Philosophy of spiritual development and better understanding yourself

I have been training in Chen Style Tai Chi with Paul Lockyer since 2008 through his school Natural Elements. Paul is a disciple to Grandmaster Kongjie Gou one of the worlds most respected Chen Tai Chi practitioners and 11th generation lineage holder of the system. I have also trained with Grandmaster Gou on a 1-1 basis, at workshops and retreats.

I teach Chen Style Tai Chi in the  traditional way that it has been taught to me. Starting with standing practice, basic silk reeling movements and the traditional forms and weapon’s.

Grandmaster Kongjie Gou

Grandmaster Kongjie Gou, born in 1947, He Nan province, China, started practicing Chinese Martial Arts in 1960. Five years later, in 1965, he began learning Chen Style Tai Chi as the last indoor senior student of Grandmaster Chen Zhaokui (the Head and Heir of the 18th generation of the Chen Family) making him an 11th generation lineage holder of the style and one of Grandmaster Chen Zhaokui’s best students. Master Gou has now been practicing and teaching Chen style Tai Chi for over 45 years worldwide. Residing in Oxford, England, he continues to promote Chinese culture and Tai Chi philosophy in the hope of extending these ideals and skills to a new generation.

At the International Festival of Tai Chi in China in 2002 Grandmaster Kongjie Gou was awarded the Certificate of Excellence; this award is very rarely given and is reserved for Tai Chi masters of exceptional skill and ability. He is also certified as a senior Chen Style Tai Chi coach by the Chen Style Tai Chi Association in Wen county, the birthplace and home of Tai Chi, and holds a first class degree of Tai Chi master from the Henan Provincial Martial Arts Association. He is co-author of the Tai Chi Push Hands standard and competition rules published by the Chinese State Sports Council and more recently has created the Chen Style Tai Chi Fan Form and the Chen Style Short Stick Form. Within the Chinese Tai Chi community Grandmaster Kongjie Gou is the most senior and highly respected teacher of Tai Chi in the UK.

“If you want to watch Chen Style Tai Chi performance, see Chen Zheng Lei. If you want to know who is the best practitioner see Chen Xiao Wang. If you want to learn Chen Style Tai Chi follow Gou Kongjie.”
[Master Liming Yue]

Click on the links below for a demonstration by Grandmaster Gou

Grandmaster Gou Kongjie. Laojia Yilu

Grandmaster Gou Kongjie. Xinjia Yilu

Paul Lockyer

Paul has been a practitioner and teacher of Martial Arts for over 11 years. Beginning at the age of 25, he has trained in Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Shaolin Gong Fu, various Qi Gongs, Bagua Zhang and now specialises in Chen Style Tai Chi. Interested in all aspects from self defence to the spiritual, Paul continues to further his knowledge for his own learning and his students. He has studied with such luminaries as 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk Shifu Shi Yan Zi; through workshops with Tai Chi masters Wang Hai Jun, Liming Yue and Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei, and now trains full time with Grandmaster Kongjie Gou for Chen Style Tai Chi and with 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk Shifu Shi Yan Ming (Yanmin Chen) for Shaolin Gong Fu. Paul began teaching with his old masters supporting people of various ages in class. He has taught and demonstrated on cruise ships, at private and corporate events, workshops, seminars nationwide, and has his own school here in Bournemouth. He has worked with various groups on a regular basis from Learning disabilities through to Parkinson’s Disease and has even worked with performers in training, bringing together his knowledge of martial arts, movement and acting. Paul has a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and is at the master/teacher level of Reiki, treating and teaching throughout the year. He has judged Tai Chi, Kung Fu and San Shou at a number of events, notably at the Team Shaolin European Championships and for the British Shaolin Temple Association (BSTA) of which he is Technical Officer & Director of Coaching.

Click on the link below to see a demonstration of Paul Lockyer

Paul Lockyer. Chen Style Sword Form.

Stuart offers 1-1 and small group Tai Chi Lessons in Bournemouth and the New Forest. Click the link hear to visit the class timetable